Our clip-ons are produced by professional technicians with state of the art equipment. Regardless of the frame you have, we can custom a clip-on for you. Below outlines the eight major phases of each clip-ons creation.
1 Scanning Phase:
To ensure a perfect fit, each frame is carefully scanned by state-of-the-art CNC, 3-D rim-wire bending equipment with 5,000 points of scanning accuracy.
2 Soldering Phase:
To create a clean and durable bond, our G.I.A. certified technicians utilize a high frequency free flow technique to solder the clip-ons.
3 Polishing Phase: Before and after soldering, each clip-on is put through a two step rough and fine polishing process followed by deep cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.
4 Tumbling Phase:
Each job goes through 4 hours of rough tumbling and another 4 hours of fine tumbling. This process prevents the development of sharp edges. The tumbling phase is completed by another round of deep cleansing in the ultrasonic bath.
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5 Plating:
Each clip-on goes to plating process to adjust the brightening to match the frame, thus improves resistance and prevents corrosion.
6 Hardcoat:
Each clip-on is finished with 2 microns of hardcoat and then baked for 4 hours to insure durability.
7 Edging:
Cliphouse offers a variety of 14 colors in CR-39 from fashion tints to regular sun lenses and 3 colors of Polarized CR-39 sun lenses.
8 Adjusting:
Each clip-on is adjusted by hand to fit from plano to -15.0. Special prongs are available for drill mount rimless frames to avoid scratching.
* Rimless:
Cliphouse has developed a special clip prong for drill mount rimless frames to avoid clip scratching. All rimless frames must come with an accurate pattern. If not, an additional charge will be applied.